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Teresa Herrera, fashion darling and free spirit is a Global TV host, model, writer and Exec Producer (Runway TV Asia) specializing in fashion/beauty/art/travel lifestyle media

An Inspired Escape… Rafe A/W12. “Everything to me, is a potential source of inspiration…” Get to know my dear friend …  Rafe Totengco …. He’s amazing! xo,T

Prabal Gurung SS12 … Fierce Collection. Focused on a woman, sexy and glamorous.  ”Who’s being objectified? the girl or the audience?” 

(video by Style.com)

Alexander Wang SS12 … Street wear meets sports wear for the urban woman living on the edge. Velocity. Speed. Fast life in the Fast city. All about the future.

"I always think of our girls as little gangs."-Alex Wang

(video via Style.com)

Jason Wu SS12… Subversive Opulence of couture. Young, edgy, combining uptown with downtown. ”Its park avenue princess gone bad.” - Jason Wu

(video Style.com)

3.1 Phillip Lim SS12… Capturing movement in fabrics… Inspired by flying kites. Sophisticated draping and inventive fabrics. 

(video by Style.com)

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