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Are you a Renegade?

She had me at “Renegade!”

I started following Amy over 3 years ago when I came across her twitter profile via The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson (yes, he’s a crush-don’t judge). I didn’t know who she was; yet, she had over 1.2 million followers.  Who was she? I was intrigued…

At that time, she had just started Digital Royalty, a social media agency and education company that helped brands and celebrities gain influence via social media.  (How cool is that?)  I was new to the twitter game myself and just wanted to see how other people navigated this world. I followed her through her business journeys (speaking engagements, conferences, writing her book) as well as her life journeys (Health, family, self). She’s so wonderful and engaging and I often feel I got a sneak peek of the “coming attractions”. 

This past year, she embarked on a writing her book and she took us along with her. She would post chapters as she wrote them and asked for honest feedback. She gave us her thoughts and even asked what the title of the book should be? She honestly wanted to know. I thought, “How awesome!”.

So can you imagine how I felt when I received an advanced copy of her book, Renegade Write the Rules?  I was ecstatic!!! The day it arrived in my inbox, I couldn’t put it down. It was filled with life/business stories, lessons, and rules on how to navigate social media. She’s so authentic in her communication and clear with channeling her skills and passions toward a higher purpose. She’s innovative and authentic. (Two of my favorite words)

I’ve been in the fashion and entertainment industries for over 17 years. And for the most part, its been non-stop: traveling, bookings, photoshoots, filming, etc.  I travelled extensively for work. I’ve been fortunate and grateful with my opportunities. I constantly try to look for ways to grow and give back. I didn’t have a rule book, I just went with my gut… Did what I felt was right for me and my career. I didn’t know it at the time, but I guess in a way, I was doing things the “Renegade way”.  

These days, I’m finding ways to balance it all. Work-Family-Self.  I’m entering the next chapter of my life and Im excited to see what that brings. I’m taking more time to #Ready, set, pause ( a technique i leaned through Amy) and I’m actually enjoying life much much more.  After reading Renegade write the rules, I now have a clearer picture of what that future may be. (Thank you Amy!!). I highly recommend picking up a copy of Amy’s book! Her lessons are priceless.

Here are some I learned: 

1) Where passion, skills and purpose collide, BLISS resides. 

2) Beware of shiny object syndrome (SOS) Its important to know the difference between an opportunity and a distraction. 

3) You can color outside the lines without crossing the line. Disruption and destruction have two different outcomes. 

4) The people you choose to do business with will be the most important decision you make.  Those you say no to is just as important as who you say yes to. 

5) You can have it all; you just have to define what your “all” is and accept that it is always evolving 

Buy Amy’s book Renegade Write the Rules here .  You’ll thank me later. xx,T

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